Cherry Colacecchi


About Me

I'm from a smallish town north of Seattle, Washington. I'm part of a big family, the oldest of four kids. And two of my sisters are married, so there's two more, plus my niece and everyone has dogs, so let's just say that family dinners get a bit loud and crowded and it's amazing! And I have a Monday night gang of friends, we meet up and watch shitty movies and eat together and stay up way too late on a work night. #worthit

I'm always making something, whether it's sewing clothes, spinning yarn or brewing a cup of tea, my hands have to be busy. I love to adventure out in the beautiful wilds of the Pacific Northwest with my fluffy white dog and just drive until we find something interesting. I talk to strangers and hold babies for people whose arms are too full. I don't like to wear pants. And I swear way too &*~%$#@ much!

Oh and it's pronounced "Cola-checky" by the way! (^-^)

Where My Nerd Love Lies

I'm into weird movies, I've dabbled in Doctor Who, freaked out over Firefly, shrieked about Sherlock and whenever I crochet, I watch Miss Marple. But my real, true love is Supernatural. Oh my Chuck, do I adore Supernatural...

I love conventions and festivals! I enjoy cosplay, weird foods that I've never tried before, alpaca and lavender farms, Emerald City Comicon, Renaissance faires, music nights in the San Juan Islands, everything! If there is a festival for something, I'm on it! 

If you want to find out what I'm getting into (or let me know when there's a garlic festival near you), give me a shout out on Twitter!